Master Multilingual E-Discovery

International investigations, disputes, and transactions can generate thousands or even millions of pages of foreign-language data. Streamline multilingual document organization, review, and analysis by adding translation capability to your e-discovery platform.

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Direct Access

Lionbridge for Relativity provides direct access to Lionbridge translation services via integrated menu tools that enable users to request translations, supply reference materials and instructions, export customized metadata fields, and monitor the status of ongoing projects. 

Learn the Benefits of Lionbridge for Relativity

Peace of Mind

Transfer files securely to Lionbridge’s convenient translation portal, or utilize a designated FTP/SFTP server to comply with regional data-handling restrictions. With Lionbridge for Relativity, you can rest assured knowing your multilingual files are safely in the hands of legal translation experts who understand your unique challenges and objectives. 

> Easy-to-use plug-in solution
> Document translation managed in-app
> Secure connections

> All source/target languages supported
> Up to 2,000 jobs per submission
Platform-agnostic technology 

Cut Through the Noise

When you’re buried under thousands of documents — sometimes in multiple languages — finding the information you need can be difficult and costly. Relativity has developed powerful technology to help rethink the cumbersome and arduous task of e-discovery, making it more manageable, efficient, and insightful. 

Powerful Technology Made Manageable

Trust the Gold Standard

Leading law firms and e-discovery providers around the globe have relied on Lionbridge for fast, accurate legal translation for more than 20 years. Lionbridge for Relativity gives Relativity users on-demand access to Lionbridge translation services, allowing them to benefit from the combined excellence of two of the legal community’s most trusted partners. 

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Hundreds of leading law firms and e-discovery providers around the globe have trusted Lionbridge for fast, accurate legal translations for more than 20 years. Learn more about what Lionbridge for Relativity provides for users.