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Exploring the Role of Technology in Procurement’s Strategic Transformation

How have advancements in technology transformed procurement to eliminate internal conflicts while also creating complexity in decision making? 

This free report will teach you how new technology has created opportunities for procurement managers to bring more value to their organizations.

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  • Shift to a more strategic and consultative role
  • Focus on savings over cost containment
  • Change to a more centralized focus on value optimization
  • Use data to negotiate with vendors for improved pricing and flexibility without sacrificing quality or service


Learn about top industry trends and tools used by your peers to

Key Findings Indicate Big Changes Ahead

Learn and discover

How do you stack up against the procurement executives from some of the top global brands?

Automation, data, plus SaaS equals more visibility and time

Technological advancements have contributed to automated cost analysis that has become more granular. Automation combined with self-service procurement tools will save time for procurement managers, allowing you to become more strategic. 

Centralized management but not at the expense of local relationships

Learn how to create a Procurement Center of Excellence that serves as a strategic command center for value optimization achieved through the entire procurement process. 

Alignment with business units to increase value

The role of procurement has evolved to provide a broader scope than just cost containment, allowing for better alignment with business leadership goals.