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What Neural MT is and how it has developed

How Neural MT advancements will increase translation efficiency

The role other language technologies will play in the translation process

How Neural MT will impact translation efficiency

A new and more accurate translation method, Neural MT, is changing the game for multilingual communication. View this webinar to understand how Lionbridge is increasing translation and localisation efficiency—so you can focus on communicating with customers faster.



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About Lionbridge

Lionbridge enables more than 800 world-leading brands to increase international market share, speed adoption of products and effectively engage their customers in local markets worldwide.

Using our innovative cloud technology platforms and our global crowd of more than 100,000 professional cloud workers, we provide translation, online marketing, global content management and application testing solutions that ensure global brand consistency, local relevancy and technical usability across all touch points of the customer lifecycle.

See how Neural MT is changing localisation today

Neural MT is still a young MT paradigm, but the difference between professional translation and machine translation will continue to narrow. Through careful evaluation of available Neural MT systems, you’ll determine a best-of-breed localisation strategy.