To begin receiving telephonic interpretation services through Lionbridge Technologies, please contact John Drugan at or 978.964.9550 


John Drugan

Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.   

(978) 964.9550 

Contract DIR-TSO-4156 must be referenced on all Purchase Orders


Under Texas DIR-TSO-4156, Lionbridge offers Texas DIR with over-the-phone interpretation services, available in over 350 different languages, 24/7/365 through one of the industry’s largest network of trained, tested, and qualified linguists.

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Qualified Linguists

24 / 7 / 365


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Qualified Linguists

24 / 7 / 365

All Other Languages

Engaging and supporting your customers, suppliers, and employees across all languages is a huge undertaking.  Our professional translation services provide high-quality, efficient solutions that let you offload translation and localization tasks so you can focus on your critical business initiatives.

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Contract Number: DIR-TSO-4156

Telephonic Interpretation Services