Content As a Customer Experience Imperative: Think Global, Act Local

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Boost global customer experience with one click.

Learn how top-performing companies boost global customer experience with localized, personalized content. This report from the Aberdeen Group includes best practices that increase sales, build customer loyalty, and reduce costs. 

Craft a more satisfying customer experience to push performance to new heights.


Companies that excel in using localized, personalized content reduced support costs almost 20% year-over-year.

Cut support costs

Highly contextualized content supports your global customer experience strategy more effectively than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Design customized experiences

Analyzing data uncovers unique attributes that influence customer behavior and verifies the effectiveness of specific content assets.

Gain deeper visibility

Brands that deploy localized content retain 56% more of their customers.

Cultivate customer loyalty

A global customer experience strategy executed through localized and personalized content holds the key to buyers’ hearts and wallets.

Use this report to enhance your ability to:

If you’re not localizing your content for your target audiences, now’s the time.

Download the free customer experience report and learn how to deliver the right content about the right offer, to the right person—at the right time.