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Marketing and Technology Strategies Transforming Travel

Research shows that consumers prefer to surf and buy in their own language. Are you creating content that meets their needs?



As global travel and tourism brands look to address all regions and markets, there are unique industry marketing and technology strategies to consider. Join Lionbridge, our customer, Hawaiian Airlines, and our strategic partner, Oracle Marketing Cloud, in a discussion on how to address global markets at scale.

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  • Key challenges travel companies face in multinational markets
  • Understanding today's digital traveler - well connected, easily distracted
  • How Hawaiian Airlines approaches global digital marketing
  • How to leverage marketing technologies to execute at scale

About Lionbridge

Lionbridge enables more than 800 world-leading brands to increase international market share, speed adoption of products and effectively engage their customers in local markets worldwide. 

Using our innovative cloud technology platforms and our global crowd of more than 100,000 professional cloud workers, we provide translation, online marketing, global content management and application testing solutions that ensure global brand consistency, local relevancy and technical usability across all touch points of the customer lifecycle.

English is the mother tongue of just 6 major markets, from a total of 196 total countries. Yet most digital transformation projects focus on designing the optimal customer experience for English only. This “English first” approach prioritizes just 5% of the world’s population. What about the remaining 95%?

Missed sales opportunities in the world’s largest economies