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You’ll learn real-world strategies from over 20 industry experts who have contributed articles to the guide, including:


The most comprehensive resource for everything you need to know about localizing web content


Actionable, unbiased advice from more than 40 website translation professionals

Make your website translation project a success.  Read this guide for:

Contributed articles from over 20 translation industry experts


Proven strategies to increase efficiencies and speed time to market

Ben Sargent, senior analyst at Common Sense Advisory, the translation and globalization industry’s leading independent research and analyst firm, on why “International SEO Requires Extra Research and Coordination”

Dr. Nitish Singh, author and Associate Professor of International Business, The Boeing Institute of International Business, St. Louis University, on “Cultural Customization of Digital Media”

John Yunker, author of several books on website translation, localization, and globalization—and co-founder of Byte Level Research, on “Emerging Trends in Web Localization”

To compete globally, you need to provide content across multiple languages and locales.  Where do you start?

In the guide, you’ll discover how proper planning and a solid localization strategy help you to overcome complexity and contain costs, so you can speed time to market with a global web presence that’s worthy of your brand.

This free ebook is packed with best practices from scores of localization experts who’ve also provided practical, actionable advice to help you successfully execute a multilingual translation and localization project.


As you discover the eight stages of a typical multilingual web localization project, you’ll gain a greater understanding of the entire process—from strategic planning to translation, multisite go-live, and beyond.

Who should read this guide?

This guide is a valuable resource for anyone responsible for multilingual site translation.

It offers instructional articles from experts on a range of important topics spanning the entire website translation and localization process.

Learn how to make your website translation project a success—download The Definitive Guide to Website Translation now.


What you’ll learn by reading
The Definitive Guide to Website Translation

Get expert advice on creating multilingual websites

  • Define and create your localization strategy
  • Choose your multilingual URL/domain structure
  • Implement an international SEO program
  • Verify that your website and CMS are global-ready



  • Choose translation methods by content type
  • Understand the benefits of translation technology
  • Determine which content you should localize
  • Ensure translation quality—and much more

You'll also learn how to:

* Why Localization Matters for Corporate Buyers,” Common Sense Advisory, July 2014, Copyright © 2014, Common Sense Advisory, Inc.

138 pages of expert-infused tips and best practices

84% of international consumers say they’re more likely to buy from a website with product information in their own language.*