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Register for this webinar with experts JC Quintana and Tom Tseki to learn:

  • Seven strategies essential to CX
  • The importance of language to those strategies
  • How contact centers can eliminate language as a barrier with their customers and prospects to drive better acquisition and retention

Join this webinar to learn how contact centers can improve their global customer experience.

Lionbridge is a leader in real-time translation technology solutions that enable contact centers to engage with consumers across the omni-channel, regardless of language. 

JC Quintana, president of Corporate Relationship Group, is a thought leader and innovator of customer experience management strategies and technology. Over the past twenty years, his career has included leadership over cross-cultural customer relationship and customer engagement initiatives for companies all over the globe.

Tom Tseki is Vice President and General Management of Customer Care Solutions. His experience and expertise includes helping organizations implement and leverage omni-channel customer care strategies to improve CX and to increase revenue and gain contact center efficiencies.

CX Strategies & Omni-Lingual Support:

A Guide for Contact Centers