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By reading this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • 5 factors influencing rapid change in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Critical considerations for staying competitive in local and regional markets
  • How to adapt operational processes now and in the future


Adapting to Geographic Shifts in the Pharmaceutical Market: Forces of Change in the Industry

Globalization has made cultural, political, and economic differences between countries more acute than ever. Can pharmaceutical companies keep up with the change?

Drug development has always been a risky proposition, so the experience of bringing a drug to market after multiple phases of clinical trials and meeting stringent safety and efficacy standards is a relief for any developer. But this is only half the battle. In navigating the rapidly evolving global marketing environment, pharma companies have to grapple with:

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Financial and political pressures

Demand in developing markets

Growing use of technology

Backlash against drug prices

Trends in regional demographics

There’s no quick fix for plotting a smooth course from drug discovery to development to product launch in a global marketplace, but companies can and must stay ahead of shifting geographic trends.

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